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If you were a victim of :

Road traffic accident
Accident at work
Accident in public place
‣ Accident or illness during vacation

You may be entitled to compensation that covers both the costs of treatment and rehabilitation and the losses incurred as a result of the accident. FCS Accident can help you get compensation. If you choose to trust us, we will provide you with high quality service at every stage of the case. Our company operates on the principle of:


therefore, if the lawyer is not able to recover the damages, then he does not charge any fee for running the case! 



If you are involved in a road accident and as a result of your medical condition has deteriorated, you are entitled to apply for compensation. It’s not just about the type of injuries a broken limb or very serious internal injuries. To obtain compensation enough to feel pain or discomfort. If by accident you were not able to work, some items were destroyed or have suffered other losses, we are able to recover everything to the penny.

If a collision in which you participated ended happily and you only damaged the car you are not condemned to your insurer and excess of several hundred pounds. If you report to our company, we will repair your car, and at the time of repair you will get a replacement car. This is all without waiting and engaging your insurance company!



  • Make sure that your vehicle does not pose a danger to other traffic participants. If you have the option to move the car in a place where he can safely be – if this is not possible turn on the emergency lights and mark the place of the collision so that it is clearly visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Replace the data with the perpetrator collision. The most important information that will be necessary for the rapid conduct of the proceedings are: First Name, Last Name and the registration number of the vehicle the offender.
  • Take pictures of both vehicles (it is worth to take a photo of any document perpetrator).
  • If the car is not suitable to continue driving, we suggest calling our free tow trucks, which stand a vehicle under your house or on our secured parking – according to your discretion. If you choose to use our services (repairs, replacement vehicle, carrying case for compensation) tow truck can bring immediately a replacement car. (Does your insurance company is able to do something like that. At 2 in the night from Saturday to Sunday?)
  • Before the end of 24 hours let your insurance company that you have been involved in a collision.
  • Tell us about the incident and we will make sure that the whole process run smoothly and seamlessly.

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