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Check the progress of your case.




We are able to provide a replacement car to the address indicated on the application case throughout the UK.



Qualified physiotherapists allow you to quickly return to health. All cooperating with us physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.



Our therapists using CBT help change the way of thinking and behavior, which contributes to feeling better and treat depression or anxiety caused by an accident.



We will organize a medical examination near your place of residence, regardless of whether it is a specialist or GP.



If you feel that you need an interpreter or just want to make sure that you understand what the lawyer wrote let us know. We are happy to translate a document or arrange an interpreter for a medical commission or to testify.



If you need legal assistance, and your problem may not fit the definition of an accident let us know. It is possible that we will be able to help you or put you on the institution or organization that will take care of your problem. Ask! It’s for free.



Our consultants will do their best to make your case ended as soon as possible. We will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the amount of your compensation.



Full-day online access will allow you to track the progress of your case.



We offer credit repairs at the highest level. Our service uses the best, original parts and subassemblies.



ABS Lawyers

A thriving law firm dealing with matters of compensation in England.


Young, but rapidly growing Polish medical agency, which puts good and interest of the client in the first place.


Team of specialized mechanics, car tinsmiths and painters, who can deal even with the most difficult repairs.

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For more information, please visit our office.


  • If you are involved in a road accident and as a result of your medical condition has deteriorated, you are entitled to apply for compensation. It’s not just about the type of injuries a broken limb or very serious internal injuries. To obtain compensation enough to feel pain or discomfort. If by accident you were not able to work, some items were destroyed or have suffered other losses, we are able to recover everything to the penny.

    Wypadek drogowy

    If a collision in which you participated ended happily and you only damaged the car you are not condemned to your insurer and excess of several hundred pounds. If you report to our company, we will repair your car, and at the time of repair you will get a replacement car. This is all without waiting and engaging your insurance company!

  • 1. Make sure that your vehicle does not pose a danger to other traffic participants. If you have the option to move the car in a place where he can safely be – if this is not possible turn on the emergency lights and mark the place of the collision so that it is clearly visible to oncoming traffic.

    2. Replace the data with the perpetrator collision. The most important information that will be necessary for the rapid conduct of the proceedings are: First Name, Last Name and the registration number of the vehicle the offender.

    Wypadek drogowy

    3. Take pictures of both vehicles (it is worth to take a photo of any document perpetrator).

    4. If the car is not suitable to continue driving, we suggest calling our free tow trucks, which stand a vehicle under your house or on our secured parking – according to your discretion. If you choose to use our services (repairs, replacement vehicle, carrying case for compensation) tow truck can bring immediately a replacement car. (Does your insurance company is able to do something like that. At 2 in the night from Saturday to Sunday?)

    5. Before the end of 24 hours let your insurance company that you have been involved in a collision.

    6. Tell us about the incident and we will make sure that the whole process run smoothly and seamlessly.

  • If you have been injured in an accident at work due to the employer’s negligence or strict liability or its associates you have the right to apply for compensation. Please note that for negligence can be considered a lack of protective clothing, lack of training an employee or bad or uncomfortable place to work.

    Wypadek w miejscu pracy

    The employer should make every effort to ensure that the work he is doing for his employee could be made up to a safe environment and not endanger employee’s injury or loss of life. If by accident you are unable to work and / or require care to third parties the employer should cover all costs associated with your losses and the costs of recovery.

  • 1. Report the accident immediately to your supervisor.

    2. Ask about First Aider’a, and if this is not available or will not be able to handle ask for an ambulance or go to the nearest medical institution.This your health and life – remember that.

    3. When the situation is under control, and you’ll feel adventurous ask for the preparation of the report. The employer is obliged to prepare such a report.

    Wypadek w miejscu pracy

    4. Before you sign the report check that everything is correct. If you sign a report in which it says that you are the guilty of the situation will be very difficult to get compensation.

    5. Make a note of the date and time of the accident.

    6. Ask colleagues or in case it was needed agree to be witnesses in your case. If they do not want – do not worry.

    7. Come to us and we’ll do the rest.

  • The owners of shops, offices, road authorities are responsible for our security in public places, which are subject to them. Regardless of whether a waiter in a restaurant doused You with boiling water, You sprain ankle in a hole in the pavement or You fell on the spilled oil in the store remember that you have the right to obtain compensation. The condition is that the health damage was not caused by an unfortunate coincidence, or due to your carelessness or bravado.

    Wypadek w miejscu publicznym

  • If the organizer all inclusive holidays do not took care of the quality of the food as a result You have ben poisoned, You vomit and had diarrhea: You are entitled to compensation health and reimbursement of the cost of trips, visits to doctors, etc. If you find yourself in this situation, remember to inform the representative of the travel agency or reception official report. If you see animals or birds nearby food or even worse: insects on or in the food take pictures. It will help you later in obtaining any compensation.

    Odszkodowanie za nieudane wakacje

  • The amount of compensation depends on the health damage, the time that is needed for a full recovery (or condition before the accident) and the impact of trauma on our lives, relationships with others, etc. Because of this that each one of us and every injury is different our doctors carefully estimate the period in which the customer comes to health, and on the basis of a detailed report of our lawyers calculate the amount of compensation.

    Wysokość odszkodowania

  • No win – no fee is some kind of guarantee. If the lawyer fails to obtain compensation for the client does not receive from him any fee for the conduct of the case. In a situation when the case is successful and the client will receive compensation lawyer charges a commission of 25% of damages health.

    No Win No Fee

    (Note however that the lawyer has the right to ask the customer to pay all costs of the case if the client lied in order to obtain material benefits, it there was no accident or an accident has been set. In this situation, you should also expect that the opposing party apply for reimbursement and will refer the case to court for fraud.)

  • There are many reasons!

    1. We are a company with years of experience and we are not afraid to say that today we are the only Polish company with such a wide range of services throughout the UK.

    2. We have our own service.

    3. We offer credit repair.

    Dlaczego my

    4. We organize interpreters for medical commissions, conversations with lawyers or the court.

    5. We have our own fleet of replacement cars available to our customers around the clock seven days a week.

    6. We translate all correspondence.

    7. We help to fill the documents.

    8. We offer advice Monday to Friday from 9: 00-18: 00.

    9. We watch around the clock in case our client needed a tow.

    This can all be for you absolutely free (25% of the compensation goes to health lawyer)! Our cost charge opposite direction – never a fair customer!